'Arrow' Star Wants to Play Marvel's X-23

Apparently, a career in DC's 'Arrowverse' TV universe doesn't stop you from having big Marvel [...]

Wolverine X-23 Arrow Juliana Harkavy

Apparently, a career in DC's "Arrowverse" TV universe doesn't stop you from having big Marvel movie dreams. During a recent interview with Bounding Into Comics, Arrow star Juliana Harkavy (aka Dinah Drake / Back Canary III) found out that there's now a Marvel movie role that fulfills her longtime character wishes: X-23!

During the interview, Harkavy let it be known that she would love to cross over the fence and play a Marvel character role one day, specifically adding that "All of the X-Men characters really intrigue me." She dropped Storm as a favorite, before venturing into the reveal that, "Wolverine is my favorite. And I don't know how I would live in that world, but I would love to at some point."

Harkavy then got some news she didn't expect: that Wolverine's clone Laura / X-23 is now the All-New Wolverine! Needless to say, she was thrilled about the revelation, stating, "I had no idea. That's exactly who I would want to play like a thousand percent, that's so cool. That's so cool. I would love to do something like that."

Harkavy's performance as Dinah Drake has garnered a lot of fan acclaim - in large part due to her combination of ferocity and beauty. With her wild, exotic allure and proven prowess as a physical performer, it's safe to say that she would be a solid pick for an adult version of the X-23 character.

X-23 has become a major bigger hit with both fans and casual viewers, thanks to the performance of young Dafne Keen in Logan last year. Since that time, fans have been wondering how X-23 would be revisited in the larger X-Men movie franchise, with rumors of a Logan sequel featuring Laura popping up late last year. With the character having taken up the mantle of Wolverine in the comics, it could be the best way of continuing the Wolverine movie brand without having to replace Hugh Jackman.

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