Wonder Woman 1984 Sticking With Christmas Day Release Earns Praise From Independent Cinema Alliance

Yesterday, comic book movie fans got some surprising news when it was announced that the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 would be released on Christmas day in both theatres and on HBO Max. As the pandemic continues to rage on, DC fans are excited at the chance to close out the year with Gal Gadot and Chris Pine (in fact, many are already dubbing it "Chris-mas"). Many have shared their feelings on the move by Warner Bros., including AMC Theatres, who announced they were "fully on board" with the decision. They're not the only ones to support the move. The Independent Cinema Alliance has also spoken out in favor of the duel release.

"The film’s 'pandemic model'—which does not reflect a long-term, formal shift in the studio’s distribution strategies—will ensure that moviegoers across North America will see Wonder Woman in theaters and help save the day for our cinemas this Christmas," the ICA shared with Deadline.

"We are extremely grateful for the extraordinary and unrivaled support and leadership from our valued industry partner Warner Bros.," Byron Berkley, ICA President, added. "After boldly launching the Labor Day reopening of movie theaters across the country with their release of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, Warner Bros. has again shown their unwavering commitment to theatrical exhibition by virtually saving Christmas for our industry, keeping Wonder Woman 1984 on December 25th."

"ICA intends to take this crisis as an opportunity to project a bright future for our industry," Brian Schultz, Chairman of Studio Movie Grill, shared. "We know the critical importance of storytelling in this very challenging time. Together we will set an example of flexibility, innovation and partnership for the greater good, bringing incredible films to our guests, the way they should be seen on the big screen as a shared experience."

In Wonder Woman 1984, Diana (Gal Gadot) is living in the '80s, when she's surprised by the return of her long-dead love, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). She will face off against Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) and the Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) while helping Steve get acclimated to the new world in the same way that he did for her when she left Themyscira decades before.


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As mentioned above, Wonder Woman 1984 will be released in select theaters on Christmas Day, as well as on HBO Max.