Wonder Woman Featured On EW Comic-Con Extra Cover

If you’re one of the lucky attendees gearing up for San Diego Comic Con this weekend, you’re [...]

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(Photo: Entertainment Weekly)

If you're one of the lucky attendees gearing up for San Diego Comic Con this weekend, you're already in for some extra special goodies. And, according to Entertainment Weekly, fans will be eligible to pick up one of their Comic-Con Extra Covers that'll feature Wonder Woman in all her heroic glory.

Fans are already buzzing about the solo Wonder Woman film next year, and this special issue will give them a chance to read up about the project. The extra issue will be totally free for attendees throughout the weekend as SDCC gets underway tomorrow and will run through Sunday.

Gal Gadot even spoke with EW for the Comic-Con issue and gushed about how excited - and nervous! - she was to play Wonder Woman in the DCEU. Clearly, wearing a tiara and sporting the hero's shield carried a lot of responsibility.

She said, "We knew we wanted to tell a story that would inspire people: women, men, boys, and girls. And we didn't want to just show a generic story of a superhero coming of age. We wanted her to be full and whole."

Gadot went on to compare Wonder Woman's place in popular culture to her fellow superheroes, saying, "This is the first time we are telling this story, and I feel like for so many boys, they have great role models to work with. They have Superman and Batman and Spider-man and the list goes on and on. And they are strong and almighty, and they are positive and active and proactive."

Unsurprisingly, Gadot is excited to see how Wonder Woman will inspire a new generation of movie goers. And, in particular, she hopes that Diana will stand as an excellent role model for girls all over the world. "I feel that I've got the opportunity to set a great role model for girls to look up to a strong, active, compassionate, loving, positive woman," she said. " I think it's so important. It's about time that somebody will do that, and I'm very privileged and honored to be the one."

Wonder Woman is slated to hit theaters on June 2nd 2017. Look forward to more Wonder Woman updates this week as SDCC promises to unleash tons of upcoming news on superheroes, pop culture, and more! And check out the full cover for EW's jam-packed Comic-Con issue below:

(Photo: Entertainment Weekly)