Lynda Carter Says 'Wonder Woman' Deserved an Oscar Nomination, Willing to Appear in Sequel

Who better to praise the work of Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot than the iconic Wonder Woman [...]

Who better to praise the work of Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot than the iconic Wonder Woman herself?

Lynda Carter, known for her role as TV's Wonder Woman in the 1970s, has been nothing but complimentary of the recent DC film ever since it was released last year. This week, when speaking with The Daily Beast, Carter took that praise even further, saying that the film deserved some recognition at this year's Academy Awards.

"I'm very close to Patty, and I think Gal Gadot did a wonderful job," said Carter. "I was really happy to see they showed a clip of the film during the Oscars, even though they didn't nominate it for anything. Anything. It should have been nominated. They were left out of special effects, writing, everything. Patty did an amazing job. The essence of the character is not an easy one to find the right balance of. Patty got it."

Many fans also felt that the movie was snubbed at the awards, and thought that it was at least deserving of a costume design or visual effects nod.

Additionally, before the movie was released, those same fans thought that Carter would have some kind of cameo in Wonder Woman, since she was the one who made the role popular on screen. However, the movie came and went with no appearance by the actress. Director Patty Jenkins has since said that she wanted to work Carter into the film but didn't have the right opportunity, and hoped that she could appear in the sequel.

According to Carter, she's down with whatever Jenkins has in mind.

"We'll see what Patty does," the actress said. "I don't know how she's going to do it. I said to her, 'Whatever you want to do is fine with me.'"

The Wonder Woman sequel made headlines last week when Jenkins revealed that former Saturday Night Live star Kristen Wiig had been cast as the film's villain, Cheetah. The film, which should head into production sometime later this year, is scheduled to hit theaters on November 1, 2019.

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