'Wonder Woman' Movie Mistakes Revealed

Every movie, no matter how great it is, has its share of mistakes, and Wonder Woman is no exception.

Wonder Woman is the DCEU's first critical and commercial success, but thanks to some sleuthing by fans there are a few mistakes in the Amazon warrior's starring vehicle. Fans have submitted some of these to MovieMistakes.com, and they include everything from continuity errors mistakes having to do with the time period.

A perfect example of the former is in a scene between Sammy and Diana. Sammy offers Diana a drink, which she accepts with her left hand. Right after this, she switches it to her right hand, but when the camera switches to a long shot it is shown in her left hand again. Finally after the long shot transitions into a close up the mug is seen in her right hand again.

There are also some issues with elements of the time period. For example, the word Intel is used throughout the film, which takes place in 1918. The word Intel though wasn't first recorded until 1961, so it seems they were a bit ahead of the curve. The same goes for Steve Trevor's pants, or more specifically, his fly. After he gets out of the bath in Themyscira he zips up his fly, but the zipper was not actually used on clothing until 1925, and it took even longer for zippers to take hold on common clothes.

Wonder Woman actually made the site's list of the biggest mistakes of 2017, all thanks to a button. At one point Diana is translating in the General's office, where viewers can see that one of her coat buttons is either undone or missing. When she walks towards the desk the button is suddenly there, and no one knows where it came from.

Who knows, she does have a magic lasso after all, so why not a magic button? It's plausible, right?

You can view more mistakes here.


These kind of things happen in every movie and don't necessarily take anything away from the film as a whole. Runner of the site Jon Sandys loves these types of things, but not to bring a movie down. "Just like people, great movies can have flaws - for me it adds to the interest when watching them, rather than taking anything away," Sandys said.

Wonder Woman is currently available on digital platforms, Blu-ray, and DVD.