Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet Will Not Be In Solo 'Wonder Woman' Film

As Wonder Woman is currently filming in Europe, fans of the Amazonian warrior are wondering which [...]

Wonder Woman Invisible Jet

As Wonder Woman is currently filming in Europe, fans of the Amazonian warrior are wondering which famous elements of the heroine will feature in the film. With Wonder Woman standing as a pop culture icon, they're eager to see whether the character's golden lasso or infamous red thigh-high boots will make a cameo.

However, following an exclusive by PEOPLE, fans now know they shouldn't expect to see the hero's Invisible Jet.

DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson spoke with the magazine for an interview and spilled the set secret. "There is no invisible jet," she promised. "Not in this iteration."

Featuring Gal Gadot at Wonder Woman, the upcoming film will feature talent like Chris Pine, Robin Wright, and Connie Nielsen. Diane Nelson spoke briefly about the film by saying, "It will have its own tone and look – it's beautiful. There is humor in it, there is real emotion in Diana's journey in discovering the complexity of man."

Wonder Woman, which is slated for a 2017 release, follows Gal Gadot's recent cameo as Diane Prince in DC's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which was released earlier in the year. Critics and fans alike fell in love with Wonder Woman's powerful presence as she fought alongside Superman and Batman to save the world. When it came down to battle, Wonder Woman's shield and wrist cuffs brought Doomsday to its knees.

While Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet is confirmed to be missing in the hero's upcoming solo film, the vehicle has always been closely associated with Wonder Woman's character. First debuting back in Sensation Comics #1 around 1942, the invisible jet jettisoned into the pop culture sphere following its depiction in Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman televsion series from the 1970s. While the Invisible Jet hasn't been seen lately (no pun intended), fans still fondly remember the quirky vehicle as one of Wonder Woman's defining tools.

Though the jet won't be seen in Wonder Woman next year, fans can still collect the vehicle with a special 75th anniversary figure of the hero that features Wonder Woman helming her Invisible Jet. The collector's item will be available for purchase at MattyCollector.com starting June 17th.