Young Justice: Outsiders First Post-Credits Scene Sets up Darkseid's Attack

The second half of Young Justice: Outsiders has been building toward a major confrontation at a neckbreaking speed, setting up the forces of the Justice League, the Light, and Apokolips on a collision course that could have major ramifications for the DC Universe. And in doing so, the series also included its first post-credit scene which has dire ramifications for the superheroes.

In this week's episode called "Unknown Factors," Aquaman and his recently revealed Atlantean boyfriend Wyynde attempt to rescue Nightwing and Black Lightning from the clutches of Granny Goodness, who is revealed to be working with the evil New God Overlord in their attempts to experiment on the X-Pit's Ghost Dimension.

With Nightwing and Black Lightning trapped within, the Altantean's make use of their magic protections to save their friends, though they are temporarily brainwashed when they escape. Granny Goodness attempts to destroy the group's Mother Box, which in turn summons the combined might of Cyborg and Halo to teleport to the rescue.

Now, remember that Cyborg has fused with the tech of a Father Box, while Halo herself is a living Mother Box — the original soul in her body died, but the energy of a dismantled Mother Box took over the corpse and became sentient. These characters are two sides of the same coin, and even Metron mentioned that Cyborg's new form was unlike anything he'd ever seen in his time as a New God.

Halo, in turn, inspired Granny Goodness because of her connection to the Source, from which both Mother and Father Boxes draw their powers. The two, joined by Beast Boy and Geo-Force, rescue their friends, and Halo uses her power to purge Nightwing and Black Lightning of their brainwashed influences.

Granny Goodness remarks that Halo used the "tongue of the Old Gods,"a fact that shocks her but also sparks its own revelation which leads directly into the the episode's conclusion.

The heroes rescue their friends, some betrayals are set up, and then the credits role on the newborn daughter of Guardian and Bumblebee.

But the show doesn't end as the post-credits scene cuts back to Granny's house where she is meeting with none other than Darkseid. She tells him, "Good news, sire. Tonight I found the Anti-Life Equation."


The entire series has been building up to this moment, and even the episode titles have secretly been setting up Darkseid's quest to take over the universe via the Anti-Life Equation. With just five more episodes of Young Justice left, we'll likely see what it all means very soon.

New episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders air on Tuesdays on DC Universe.