Young Justice Showrunner Reveals Exactly What You Can Do for A Season 3


You've seen the hashtags, you've probably been watching it on Netflix on repeat, and you're on the right track. Despite thinks like #KeepBingingYJ trending multiple times on twitter, there are still some fans out there who have a question: What can we do to bring Young Justice back for a third season? Former co-showrunner Greg Weisman was asked exactly that question on a recent podcast, and gave a succinct, yet detailed, answer.

First, a little background: Young Justice was a show produced by Warner Bros. featuring the younger characters from the DC Universe. On an alternate Earth from those seen before in the comics and TV shows, these young heroes, including Robin, Kid Flash, an all-new Aqualad, Superboy, and more, band together to fight evil, even being called upon to save the day in the absence of the Justice League, their mentors, on more than one occasion. The show had a rabid fanbase, who fell in love with the way it focused equally on the interpersonal relationships, the slow build of a massive threat, and the outstanding action with superpowered fights unmatched on television. However, they didn't buy enough of the toys, and the show was cancelled after two seasons (there was also the extremely odd release schedule of the series by Cartoon Network, airing a few episodes, taking a few months off, ad nauseum, which couldn't have helped).

"The big thing was that the budget for the show was paid for by money we received from Mattel in exchange for the toy license," Weisman explained on the podcast. "When the toy line for Young Justice failed, the money from Mattel stopped coming in, and there was no money to make the show. It's that simple."

He noted that the reason for cancellation is important, as that makes the next question even more important: "What can we do to pay for the show in a different way?"

The answer is "to demonstrate to Warner Bros. that there are alternative ways to pay for the show." Weisman laid out a few simple steps:

"First is the hashtag #KeepBingingYJ, and that's about Netflix," he said. Both seasons of Young Justice are on Netflix, and every view counts. "It's a marathon, not a sprint," he said, and continued support of the show, even if that means watching an episode here and there every few days, or each week, will move the needle more than a coordinated effort by fans to all watch on one day. "If you have Netflix already, this is a really inexpensive way to help the show!"

"You can also buy it and binge watch it on iTunes," he noted. That segued into the full second way to support the show, "Buy the Blu-rays or the DVDs." Of course, that means you have to buy them new, not used, so the money goes to Warner Bros. If WB Home Entertainment goes to WB Animation with great Blu-ray sales, that half of the company can request more episodes, or a movie, or something more to do with Young Justice.

Weisman noted that Warner Bros. owns the show, but DC Comics owns the characters, and if you show interest to both divisions (both owned by Time Warner), that can help as well. The third thing to do, then, is to buy the in-canon comicbooks that were produced for Young Justice, specifically on digital on comixology or iTunes - those sales go right to DC Comics and lets them know fans want more.

Netflix binging, iTunes/Blu-ray/DVD purchases, and Comixology purchases of the tie-in comics: That's how you get more Young Justice.


"I don't have any inside information, but it seems that they're at least having conversations. The fact that they're even talking at all means that it's working," Weisman concluded.

The other showrunner of the series, Brandon Vietti, told back in February that not only would everyone involved in Young Justice love to come back for more, but that they even already had season 3's plans laid out. Now fans know in no uncertain terms what they can do to get it.