Cuphead Gets Glorious New Xbox One X-Fueled Gameplay Clip

We’re finally going to be able to play Studio MDHR’s Cuphead next week, as the game has a release date pegged for Xbox One and Windows 10. But before we dive into the hellish, wonderfully animated world of this hero, some new gameplay footage has arrived, featuring how well the game looks on the forthcoming Xbox One X hardware.

DualShockers recently got a chance to check the game out before its release, and posted nine minutes of gameplay footage, which you can see above, from the forthcoming shooter. As you can see, the challenge is definitely up there, as you face everything from a devious potato to a crying onion to a tripped-up carrot – and not just for one round, either. Soon enough, you’ll face all new challenges, all while listening to some of the best music you’ll come across in a shooter. This soundtrack is wild.

As you can see, Studio MDHR has gone all out with its art style, while at the same time retaining the classic gameplay we’ve come to expect from side-scrolling shooters such as Metal Slug and Contra. Players are definitely in for a treat when the game arrives next week.

Speaking of that awesome musical score, the developer recently posted a clip featuring how it was put together. The video below features how the song “Floral Fury” was formed, with a number of musicians performing in the studio, and it all getting mixed together into one symphonic masterpiece. It’s a fascinating look behind the scenes, and shows what kind of lengths the developer went to in regards to putting it together. Man, we want to hear the whole soundtrack now.

So, as you can see, a lot of elements are coming into place, and by September 29th, we’ll be able to tell just how well it all came together, after years of being in development. Cuphead will arrive next week for Xbox One and Windows 10, and we’ll let you know how the game fares shortly following its release. You know, once we finally beat it and all. That onion looks like it’s going to put up a hell of a fight with all its crying…



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