Final Fantasy XV Getting Multiplayer Expansion Starting Next Month

Final Fantasy XV has created quite a memorable experience when it comes to a magnificent single player journey – but what about if you want to bring other friends along for the ride?

Well, now you can. Square Enix has announced that the new multiplayer expansion for the game, Comrades, will release next month. You can check out the trailer for the expansion above, which gives you an idea of what to expect from the mode when it debuts on October 31st – just in time for Halloween.

The mode will allow up to four players to control custom heroes within the game, who will work alongside the Kingsglaive army to deliver great justice upon the land. A number of quests will be available, which you can tackle both with friends and on your own, if you prefer. As you make your way through them, you’ll be able to unlock a number of new goodies, including abilities that will come in handy, as well as hairstyles and costumes for your character. Better still, you get to dress up like a freakin’ Chocobo. How cool is that?

And the game will be open for male and female characters alike, so if it’s a kick-ass Final Fantasy femme fatale that you prefer, that’s the route you can certainly take.

The tale will follow the main campaign’s 13th chapter, which means you may want to complete it first to avoid being spoiled by the story before you jump into multiplayer. At least, that’s what’s suggested.

Square Enix hasn’t given pricing on the expansion just yet, but those of you who purchased the Season Pass will be able to enjoy it for no additional charge. Chances are that the standalone price will be somewhere around $9.99, and completely optional, so if you don’t feel like tackling multiplayer, you certainly don’t have to.

This is probably just the beginning of Square Enix’s big push for Tokyo Game Show week, and it’s a great way to get going on the right foot, as some fans will no doubt be pleased with what Comrades has to offer. Everyone gets Chocobo costumes!

Final Fantasy XV is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and is coming soon to Windows PC.



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