Xbox Boss Heads to Japan, Possibly Discussing Bringing Japanese Games to Console

Xbox Startup

The head of Xbox has taken to Japan to meet with partners and team members in development that has many Xbox fans hoping for news about Japanese games coming to the Xbox One.

News that Xbox’s boss, Phil Spencer, was traveling to Japan for a series of discussions came from a tweet from Spencer’s personal account. Spencer simply stated that he was going overseas to meet with the Japanese Xbox team and some “partners,” but even though the message was brief. It did plenty to get Xbox fans excited for the prospect of more Japanese games – perhaps even exclusives – being brought to the console.

This isn’t the first time that Spencer’s travels to Japan have been big news. Earlier in the year, Spencer spoke about the success of Final Fantasy XV on the Xbox One, a Japanese game from Square Enix that needs little introduction to the magnitude of the series. The Final Fantasy game performed extremely well both on and off of the Xbox One, so it makes sense that they’d look to bring similar games to Xbox players.

Judging just from the replies to Spencer’s brief announcement, it appears that many Xbox fans are definitely receptive to the idea of more games from Japanese developers coming to the Xbox One and hopefully getting enhanced on the Xbox One X when it’s released. The call for more JRPGs appeared frequently within the replies, a game genre that’s extremely popular in Japan and would be a likely product of the visit if that’s Spencer’s and Xbox’s goal for the console. Others placed specific games such as NieR: Automata and Nioh on their Xbox wishlist for Spencer to bring back from Japan and onto their Xbox One.

It remains to be seen if Spencer's visit to Japan will yield promising results for Xbox players, but a follow-up on his trip will likely come soon if any noteworthy developments are made.

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