Cuphead Gets A Fun Honest Trailer

It’s been a good couple of weeks since we’ve seen an Honest Game Trailer come out from the team at Smosh Games, so to say that we were overdue is an understatement. But today, it finally delivered with flying colors, as it provided a new segment for Studio MDHR’s diabolically tough – but still amazing – run and gun shooter Cuphead.

The style of the trailer is a bit different from what you’ve come to expect from the usual Honest Game Trailers, as it provides a new narrator that speaks more in the style of a 1930’s news reader. But it still fits stylishly into the clip, as he breaks down the stuff that works so well in the game – as well as the challenge that’s likely to eat you alive, in pure Cuphead fashion.

“Do you want a challenge so tough that you’ll toss your sister at the tele-visual box?” the narrator asks as the clip gets started.

From there, it follows the adventures of Cuphead and Mugman as they get into a “ring ding at the clip joint,” losing money to the devil and forced to do his bidding as they attempt to collect contracts. The animation style is also discussed, “as years of animating and sweat-shop style conditions finally pays off.”

The clip also talks about drawing in new players, “then crushes their spirits with gameplay that’s harder than a petrified nut sack. Where’s that smile now, little Timmy? Why, it’s in the garbage, with your platforming skills.”

The variety of enemies is also discussed, from sentient carrots to waffles to “more ridiculous” enemies that keep coming at you with new variations. But don’t worry – “suffering builds character!”

If you’re a Cuphead player, you know exactly where this Honest Trailer is coming from, as it addresses the challenge and presentation that makes the game everything it is. Just stop “being an embarrassment to your family and country.”

Watch the trailer above, then see if you’re up to the challenge of Cuphead anyway, as it’s available now for Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam. And good luck “having your face melted by a cartoon flower.” Oof.