Xbox Has an Exciting PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Announcement Coming Soon

xbox battlegrounds

Sony isn’t the only one dropping big announcements during Paris Games Week now that a big announcement related to the console launch of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds previewed to come soon from Microsoft.

The release of the battle royale game is one that’s been teased several times in the past, but the time for the game’s rollout on the Xbox one is drawing nearer each day. PUBG received a rough timeframe for the game to find its first console home by the end of 2017, and with only a couple months left in the year, it’s bound to happen pretty soon.

According to a tweet from Xbox marketing manager Aaron Greenberg, it looks like more information about that release date may be coming sooner rather than later. Greenberg took to Twitter during the Paris Games Week conferences to post a photo of PUBG’screator, Brandon Greene, and executive producer Chang Han Kim standing alongside him. Seeing the three individuals next to each other would be more than enough to give PUBG and Xbox fans hope of some news, but his message alongside the picture only amplified the excitement.

The Korean text at the end of the tweet is a phrase that’s usually used to express awe in something, a phrase that’ll hopefully hold true if the announcement is what it seems to be. While the tweet doesn’t give too much to go off of when anticipating what the announcement might be, it’s almost certain to be news of a release date for the Xbox One version of PUBG. There’s always the chance that it could be something else, but with the game not even having a confirmed release date and with Xbox One X buyers already knowing that it’ll have enhancements on the new consoles, there’s little else that it could be teasing.

Greenberg didn’t give a date for the announcement beyond sometime this week, so expect to see PUBG news sometime very soon.