Call Of Duty: WWII Players Can Unwind With A Number Of Atari 2600 Classics

Call of Duty: WWII definitely looks like it’ll put players through their paces when it arrives in just a few hours, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always have to be on your guard. In fact, you can actually unwind over at Headquarters with a few unexpected classics from the Atari 2600 line-up.

IGN has revealed a video featuring 15 different classics from the old-school 2600 era that can be played by visiting the Headquarters hub within the game. Never mind how the 2600 didn’t exactly exist in the 1940’s – we’ve got some Barnstorming to play!

The games vary from both the Activision and Imagic line-ups, and it’s a bit odd that Pitfall II is included instead of the original Pitfall!, but it is nice to see some old-school fun thrown into the mix, in-between your sessions of single player and multiplayer.

Check out the full line-up of games included below:

  • Barnstorming
  • Boxing
  • Chopper Command
  • Cosmic Commuter
  • Demon Attack
  • Enduro
  • Fishing Derby
  • Grand Prix
  • Kaboom!
  • Pitfall II
  • Private Eye
  • River Raid
  • Seaquest
  • Skiing
  • Spider Fighter

There’s no word if these games utilize any sort of special features like leaderboards, but it’s unlikely. It’s also worth noting that, as you can see in the trailer, the screen is kind of shrunken down, though there is a “cycle display” option that possibly lets you blow it up to full size. We’ll have to test it out when our copy of the game comes in.

Activision has hidden classic Atari 2600 games in its Call of Duty line-up before, with some being playable on a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, for instance. So this continues the cycle in a healthy way, letting players rediscover some classics when they’re not too busy scoring headshots or opening up loot crates.

Still, there are some selections we can’t help but got left out. Laser Blast would’ve been an ideal choice to include here, along with Moonsweeper and the original Pitfall! But beggars can’t be choosers – you can’t go wrong with the free games included here. You can check out the video above! (Never mind how Activision calls River Raid the wrong name, River Band. It’s definitely not River Band.)

Call of Duty: WWII arrives tomorrow for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.