League of Legends Plans Slight Nerfs for Urgot Following Recent Buffs

Butcher Urgot
(Photo: Riot Games)

Urgot’s power is being toned down in League of Legends after some recent buffs put the mechanized menace slightly over the edge.

If you’ve been up against Urgot during this patch and have found yourself being blasted by his knees and pulled into his deadly meat grinder ultimate, you’ll likely believe he’s a bit more than just “slightly” overpowered. The changes pushed for the Dreadnought included changes to his passive, his Corrosive Charge, and his Fear Beyond Death ultimate, and while they took the champion in the right direction following his recent rework, Riot Meddler said that they might’ve gone a bit overboard.

“Almost all the champion changes in 7.22 are adjustments due to the impact of the new Runes system,” Meddler said. “One champ who's getting some other work on top of that though is Urgot. We had some Urgot buffs in 7.21 and, while we liked the direction of them, looks like they went a bit far.”

To counteract what went wrong with the Urgot buffs, they’re planning on toning down the power changes to his “Q.” It detonates pretty quickly now which is a massive improvement over the previous iteration, but the delay that was put on it during his rework to provide some counterplay is almost nonexistent in his current form.

However, for those of you who are enjoying Urgot’s dominance, you’ll still be preserving most of your power. The only aspect of Urgot that Meddler mentioned they’d change would be the detonation speed of the Corrosive Charge, though it’ll still be vastly quicker than it was before. Urgot’s missile speed on his ultimate and the adjustments to his passive should remain unchanged, but it was warned that the champ might still be too strong following the incoming nerfs. They’re hitting his power tentatively for now though seeing how the next patch will be the one that introduces the new runes and base stat changes, a preseason update that’ll prompt everyone to become readjusted to their favorite champions.

Urgot’s slight nerfs are currently being tested before they go live, but look for them in Patch 7.22 amid plenty of other changes.