Zoe Is the Last League of Legends Champion Releasing This Year

If you’re having a hard time keeping up with all the changes coming so quickly to League of Legends, you can rest easy knowing that Zoe will be the last champion that you’ll have to learn about this year.

The care-free champion known as Zoe: The Aspect of Twilight was teased on the PBE with a sleep-inducing ability, and during the World Finals of the League of Legends championships, viewers got their first look at the new champion. You can see some of the champion’s abilities in action in the trailer that’s seen above as she roams to fight and copies enemies’ Summoner Spells, and you can see our breakdown of how some of her abilities seem to work here.

But once Zoe is eventually released, she’ll be the last new champion that you’ll have to worry about adjusting to until next year. A commenter asked Riot Meddler if another champion could be expected following Zoe’s release, and Meddler shot down the idea while providing a rough timeframe for when Zoe would be available.

“No. Zoe's probably in patch 7.23 and 7.24 will be the last patch of the year,” Meddler replied.

But if you’re feeling down about not receiving another champion instead of relieved, remember that you’ll get to learn new champions in a slightly different way when Runes Reforged is released. With the new stat changes that are being pushed for every champion along with the array of new runes to choose from, it’s going to be almost like you’re learning your favorite champions all over again. Aside from Meddler’s comments about Zoe being the endcap champion of this year and some nerfs for Urgot, there wasn’t much else to be said in his post, but that’s all due to the upcoming runes.

“Bit of a quiet before the storm period for us at the moment,” Meddler said. “We've just recently locked down the final changes of the pre-season patch and are extremely excited to see it go out after working for a long time on Runes. The second half of next week onwards is likely to be really busy again as we make needed adjustments based off how Runes etc are performing, looking forward to talking about our thoughts on that.”

Look for all the information on the new runes next week when the notes for the massive preseason patch are released.