You Can Play 'Star Wars Battlefront II' for Free Right Now

Star Wars Battlefront II doesn’t release until later this month, but certain players can take part in the interstellar combat right now ahead of the Nov. 17 release date.

If you’ve got an Xbox One and are a member of EA’s subscription-based service called EA Access, you can fire up Star Wars Battlefront II right now. Subscribing to EA Access will only run you $4.99 a month, so if you didn’t get the chance to try out any of the demo opportunities before or simply want more of Battlefront II before it launches, you can always sign up for a few months to test the waters and partake in the trial.

Instead of cutting you off at a certain point or level in the game, the trial instead allows you to run free for 10 hours before it ends. With a single-player campaign and the popular PvP component that most players will be looking forward to both waiting for you in the trial, 10 hours should be plenty of time to spread your gameplay out to both areas. These parts of the game will be filled with your favorite locations, weapons, factions, heroes, and villains spanning all three eras of the Star Wars universe, but the majority of the content will still only be accessible once you pay full price for the game upon its release.

And if you’re now a proud owner of the Xbox One X after it was released on Nov. 7, your Star Wars Battlefront II experience is going to look even better, even during the trial. The trial itself has a size of 51.22 GB, but that download also includes Xbox One X assets. Star Wars Battlefront II supports HDR as well as a 4K resolution if you’ve got a display to work with those settings.

Finding the trial version of the game is as simple as searching for it on your console, and if you’re an EA Access subscriber, you’ll be presented with an option to continue with the 10-hour trial download. Star Wars Battlefront II releases on Nov. 17 on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC for $59.99.