Star Wars Battlefront II Could See Progression Boosts With Microtransaction Comeback

battlefront ii crate

Yesterday, EA made the huge announcement that following the incredible backlash revolving around their usage of microtransactions that they would be removing them from the launch Battlefront II game - effective immediately. One noticeable part about that announcement however, was the portion that mentioned they will be returning at a later date, though revamped. Though many were overjoyed to see that EA seemingly listened to their concerns, others are curious as to what the restructuring will look like. Thanks to a new call, we might have an idea.

A representative from EA spoke with US Gamer about what the team has in store for the future of the recently released title. Mentioning that they were "back to the drawing board," they have heard the cries against pay-to-win and are looking for a more balanced approach for in-game perks without sacrificing the integrity of the multiplayer aspects. In order to find this balance, EA is looking to implement a way for players to "accelerate" their game time through in-house purchases with real money. As mentioned by US Gamer, Need for Speed Payback is the perfect example about how this was implemented and the general reaction from the gamers.

The "accelerators" will be available for purchase with real life money in order to offer players with limited time a way to "accelerate" their in-game progression in an effort to "balance the needs of their large playerbase."

As far as how this will be integrated into the game itself, or when, we don't know at this time. Where many would love to see the microtransactions abolished completely, it looks like that just won't be the case here. Hopefully in terms of finding "balance," they will heed the overwhelming fan response and not project the pay-to-play approach.

Star Wars Battlefront II is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.