Humble Bundle Teases February Monthly Bundle with Civilization VI & More

(Photo: 2K Games/Humble Bundle)

As the new year turns, Humble Bundle has updated its monthly offerings today with a new look at February's early-access games. Along with this update, January's full list of games has been revealed, with early access games including Quantum Break, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III, and The Long Dark. The rest of the bundle has filled out with the revived Tomb Raider, Hiveswap: Act I, Mr. Shifty, Cursed Castella, and the Humble Bundle original, Hitchhiker. In total, this month, Humble Bundle subscribers took home $199.92 in games for $12.

February's first early-access offers include Civilization VI, along with two expansion packs titled the Viking Scenario Pack and the Australia Civilization & Scenario Pack. Each month rounds out to about $100-$200 in value, so there's still plenty to be added after the month closes out. Expect a few big games from the past few years and the addition of a Humble Bundle original title, which is an exclusive indie game that players can only get via the bundles.

Civilization VI currently retails for about $29.99 depending on where you look, so the game along with two of the its DLC packs might be enough to justify the $12 spend for players who want to jump into the franchise. The next expansion, titled Rise and Fall, releases on February 8th, which gives players a solid month to build their various nations and conquer the world until then.

Every month, Humble Bundle chooses a new charity and donates 5% of the total month's proceeds to that organization. This month's pick is the World Land Trust, an internation conservation charity that protects "biologically important and threatened habitats" all over the world. It's a little ironic considering the headliner title of this month, but doing good for the world in real life while taking over the world in a video game isn't really that bad. Right?

Players have until February 2nd to subscribe to the bundle, which you can do here.