Injustice 2 Enchantress Trailer Revealed

WB and NetherRealm Studios just released a fantastic new Injustice 2 trailer showing off the June Moone's possessive alter-ego, Enchantress. For months before her reveal we speculated that Enchantress would be coming to the roster, and fans were so pumped. Now, we finally get to see her in action! Check out the trailer above.

Before we get to any kind of analysis at all, can we just take a moment to appreciate that brutal super move? Enchantress seemingly rips the astral body out of her opponent, and possesses it. Watch, humiliated, as your own astral doppelganger beats the snot out of you before ascending into the air, and then dropping onto your near-lifeless body as a kind of astral suicide bomber. Once again, NetherRealm has proven that it has peerless talent for over the top and cinematic special moves.

When it comes to style, I think I may have just found my new personal main character. Enchantress seems to specialize in stuns, counters, and mixups, which is exactly what I'm into. I love any character that will allow me to mix things up and confuse my opponents. For anyone who, like me, enjoys to play more unorthodox styles, Enchantress is going to provide plenty of unorthodoxy.

I'm also a sucker for dark and occult magic users and, well, Enchantress is about as dark and dagnerous as they get. Summon demonic beasts to keep your opponents at bay, flick out a quick counter to intercept and return a blow, enchant your opponents and lure them toward you, helplessly, like little dolls. We can't wait to pick up a controller and possess Enchantress and dominate our friends online.

For anyone who purchased the Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition or Fighter Pack 3, Enchantress will be available to use on January 9. For everyone else, she'll drop on January 16. Stay tuned!