New Kingdom Hearts III Details Emerge: More on the Gummi Ship, Development Woes, Tangled, and More

Fans finally got a little more than a vague tweet regarding the upcoming (and illusive) Kingdom Hearts 3 when a brand new trailer dropped confirming the Monsters Inc world! Now even more details have been revealed during the D23 Expo going on now in Tokyo including a developmental update, more on gameplay, and other details regarding the upcoming title.

The video featuring a special message from Tetsuya Nomura hasn't made its way online yet, but the contents have already spread like wildfire thanks to thousands upon thousands of eager fans. Courtesy of our pals over at Dualshockers, we've got a closer look than ever before at what's on the way.

Tetsuya-san opened up about his hesitation surrounding Tangled and the big reveal due to complicated hair physics. They wanted Rapunzel's hair to be how it is in the stories; completely dynamic. Being able to interact with the environment, swing from trees, movement because of the wind - all of these proved to be an interesting challenge when it came to actually getting it right in-game. We have also learned that players will be able to swim within the world of Tangled in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Though we did get an in-depth look at the gamer earlier today, that's not all that we have to look forward to. There is at least one more world yet to be revealed, but we did get to see a few more Keyblades in action, as well as more on the Gummi Ship and how players will be able to customize it to their liking. You can't explore a vast, open world without a tricked out ship, after all.

According to Game Watch, here's the breakdown regarding where the game is at completion-wise:

  • Character production and animation - Complete
    • Additional snippets still being added.
  • Environmentals
    • First part of the game - 90% complete
    • Second part of the game - 60-70% complete

Several reports have stated that we will learn more, including that darn release date we keep begging for, at E3. We haven't managed to get any clarification from Square Enix on this matter, but it is odd the showcase should have a prominent trail at a Japanese showcase. Still, we're hopeful as are many other fans. For now, the future is promising and with the status of completion, that promised 2018 date seems more realistic than it has thus far.