Grab Injustice 2 On Xbox One For $20 Right Now

Injustice 2

There have been some pretty good deals on Injustice 2 over the past few months, and with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dropping into the party on Tuesday, fans have been taking advantage. But if you’ve somehow missed out, or are just waiting for it to become a really good bargain, we’ve got some good news.

Microsoft Store has listed a new sale for the standard edition of Injustice 2 on Xbox One, and you can get it right now for $19.99. It looks like the deal is online only, although, if you have a Microsoft store close by, you can always check to see if they price match it. At the very least, shipping is free, so you can get the game for a steal, compared to its usual $60 price.

It looks like this is the best deal for the game. There’s also the Deluxe Edition, which includes the Season Pass and exclusive character skins, but it’s a much higher price, around $80. So maybe stick with the $20 version and then buy your DLC with Microsoft points.

Injustice 2 has been a big fighting hit over the past few months, and it’ll also take center stage as one of the featured games at the EVO event in Las Vegas this year, alongside Street Fighter V, Dragon Ball FighterZ and other popular favorites. Here’s a quick description in case you need it:

“Choose from a massive selection of iconic DC Comics superheroes and villains, and equip each with unique and powerful gear earned throughout the game. Take charge of how your favorite characters look, fight, and develop across a huge variety of game modes. This is your superhero, your journey, your Injustice.

Earn gear to customize and evolve your favorite DC heroes and villains, upgrading how your character looks and fights.

While Batman and his allies fight those who would restore Superman’s Regime, a new threat forces old enemies to forge new alliances.

Play as characters from the biggest DC Universe roster ever in a fighting game. Battle across iconic locations like Gotham City and Atlantis.

Mortal Kombat developers NetherRealm Studios brings unrivaled storytelling, robust content, and best-in-class fighting mechanics.”

So don’t miss out on this stellar deal! Oh, and we mentioned the game was Xbox One X enhanced, yeah?

Injustice 2 is also available for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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