League of Legends' Kayn Buffs Pushed Back to Later Patch

League of Legends Kayn
(Photo: Riot Games)

Kayn’s buffs that were originally planned to be released in the next League of Legends patch have now been pushed back to a later date with Patch 8.7 being the new target.

The Kayn buffs that were being tested appeared to be quite substantial, so it makes sense that his changes may need more testing. Riot Games' Daniel Z. Klein, the champion designer responsible for Kayn and his work on other champs like Tahm Kench, Azir, and Taliyah, tweeted the news that the buffs’ release window would be pushed back so that more testing could be done.

Amid other changes that were being tested on the PBE that would buff Kayn’s abilities, the buffs for the champ’s passive mentioned in Klein’s tweet helped speed up the rate at which Kayn would transform. These buffs were outlined in a previous series of tweets from Klein where the champion designer referenced the current values for how quickly Kayn earned passive “points” that built up his transformation while providing a list of the new numbers that the jungler would soon benefit from.

But while Kayn is almost exclusively seen in the jungle with the exception of some determined outliers, the buffs would also put the champ in a better spot within a lane as well. Klein commented as much in a reply to a Kayn player by saying that “the goal is to buff lane Kayn,” though special attention was being payed to both roles to make sure that lane Kayn doesn’t become the clear choice over jungle Kayn.

There are other changes for Kayn that are still expected to make it into the next patch though should no other problems come up. These other buffs included increased damage ratios on some of Kayn’s abilities that come as part of a series of compensation buffs for champions that used Duskblade of Draktharr seeing how the item is being nerfed.



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