Watch This Beautiful Gold-Plated Xbox One X Be Unboxed

A lucky Xbox fan now has an Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition that’s plated with 24-karat gold after winning a Microsoft sweepstakes.

Only one flashy, gold-clad Xbox One X was distributed through the contest, but for everyone else who wasn’t fortunate enough to have the console delivered to their home, you can live vicariously through the winner by watching him unbox the console. The winner of the console appears to be Anthony Stewart judging from the name of the YouTube account that the unboxing video above was uploaded to that shows the gold embellished console and controller.

You can watch Stewart’s full video if you really enjoy the suspense that comes with these unboxing videos but you can also skip right ahead to the 1:40 mark if you want to see the gold of the Project Scorpio console shine through the careful packaging. The console itself as well as the Xbox One X controller are both covered in the gold-plating that’s so shiny you can see everyone’s reflection in it.

When pulling the console out of the box and holding it, Stewart comments more than once on how heavy the console is. A full plating of 24-karat gold would certainly do that by adding quite a bit of heft to the console. The controller that comes out around the three-minute mark isn’t nearly as heavy, the contest winner said, but still has a noticeable difference when compared to the normal controller. It’s not an elite controller though, so maybe there’s a chance that someone with a fat wallet can outdo the controller by plating their own Xbox One Elite Controller someday.

The console contest that won Stewart this prestigious Xbox One X was part of Microsoft’s Game Pass promotion that was announced back in December. During that month, the Game Pass quest prompted players to play different Game Pass games throughout the month. Should they complete the month’s challenge that tasked them with playing a Game Pass game for 25 different days, they’d be entered to win the Xbox. Stewart said that he was notified by Microsoft that he’d won the console weeks ago and said that the email actually went to his spam folder at first, so he almost completely missed out on this prize.


Xbox’s Game Pass received another big promotion recently with the release of Sea of Thieves, but no matter who has the subscription, only one player is going to be playing the games on a golden Xbox.