My Hero One's Justice Gets New Sidekick System Details

Bandai Namco has released new details on how the Sidekick System feature will work in the upcoming My Hero One’s Justice.

In My Hero One’s Justice, players have can use their allies to assist them in battle with up to two sidekicks available in each battle, according to Bandai Namco. The Sidekick System was first previewed in the announcement trailer that’s shown a b ove, and info released by the publisher explained how the system will work and how players can best make use of their sidekicks.

“In the new Sidekick System feature, players will cooperate with two sidekicks in a fight turning the tide of battle!” Bandai Namco said. “They can pair with a character of their choice and with one button they will receive various support from them. This is a perfect way to increase your odds in battle by creating devastating combos!”

Screnshots such as the one below that My Hero Academia protagonist Izuku Midoriya alongside the famous All Might as an example of how the Sidekick System will let players call in help. With two sidekicks available, players can either choose to round out their team with the best possible sidekicks or stay true to the source material by building teams of heroes and villains.

My Hero One's Justice
(Photo: Bandai Namco)

Speaking of the villains in My Hero Academia, Bandai Namco also shared details on My Hero One’s Justice’s Tomura Shigaraki, the archenemy of Izuku who uses his Decay Quirk to destroy opponents. His Quirk can lead to an automatic victory in My Hero One’s Justice if enemies don’t play carefully around his moves.

“The leader of the League of Villains is Tomura Shigaraki!” Bandai Namco said. “Using his quirk ‘Decay,’ he will make his opponents rot and won’t hesitate to destroy anyone who stands in his way. For every consecutive hit of his special skill, a countdown starts to decide your opponent’s fate! When this special attack hits 4-times in a row, it will automatically decrease the opponent’s HP to 0!


A fighting game adaptation of the My Hero Academia anime and manga, My Hero One’s Justice will include many more characters than just Izuku, All Might, and Tomura. Bandai Namco has been continually revealing more characters like Tsuyu Asui in recent weeks, many of which are seen in the trailer above along with their unique Quirks.

A release date has not been set for My Hero One’s Justice, but it’s expected to be released sometime this year for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.