Dragon Ball Legends Gets My Hero Academia Voice Actor for Shallot

Bandai Namco announced that the new Saiyan featured in Dragon Ball Legends will be voiced by Alejandro Saab.

The publisher shared the Dragon Ball news on Twitter with some side-by-side images that show the mobile game’s newly-introduced Saiyan Shallot alongside Saab. Those in the replies to the tweet immediately recognized the voice actor from his work in other anime like My Hero Academia, My First Girlfriend Is a Gal, and RWBY: Volume 4.

In My Hero Academia, Saab voiced Naomasa Tsukauchi, and though many congratulated him for his first Dragon Ball debut, this actually isn’t his first time in the franchise. He’s also provided additional voices in Dragon Ball Z Kai, though this will be the first time that’s he’s taken such a prominent role in a Dragon Ball installment.

The voice actor has already listed Dragon Ball Legends as part of his Twitter bio after the announcement and gave fans his own tweet to confirm the news and provide some images from the game.

Dragon Ball Legends was announced last month, a mobile game that combines the characters from the Dragon Ball universe with a card fighting system. The game also features three different game modes that include a continuation of the events after the Tournament of Power story arc in Dragon Ball Super as well as an Event Mode that lets players relive the most iconic scenes in the original anime.


A release date has not yet been announced for Dragon Ball Legends, but the mobile game has already been confirmed for iOS and Android devices. Dragon Ball fans can go ahead and pre-register for the game before its released with a huge number of players signing up already. Bandai Namco announced through the Dragon Ball Legends Twitter account that over 2.5 million participants have already signed up which means that players will receive all the sign-up incentives listed here.

You can check out Dragon Ball Legends’ site for more info on the mobile game and look for more announcements from Bandai Namco leading up to the game’s release.