Fortnite Battle Royale Teases Yet Another Season 4 Superhero


It's almost time to kick off Fortnite's Season 4 and between comets, superheroes, and potential new areas, fans are having a field day with all of the teasers Epic Games keeps throwing their way. We know they're teasing something big, and they aren't done yet with making us work for it.

Over the past week, the developers behind the wildly popular online game have been showing off mysteriously masked characters that definitely give off that superhero vibe. Now, they've added a third one to that list:

The first character that was revealed is seen on the far right. The second, in the middle, is what really solidified the superhero theme, and now the third, on the far left, has just made us all the more curious!

The latest teaser will be for male avatars, though we can't tell if these are actually new characters entirely or simple reskins. Though, not going to lie, that Wonder Woman-esque teaser in the middle will definitely be the one I shoot for when season 4 goes live! But aside from our excitement, we do have questions. Who are these new characters and do they have a bigger part in the game's universe than usual characters? The way the reveal has them seen within a comet-like image has us wondering how the two will be connecting exactly.


The latest revelation is even more exciting now that meteors seen in the sky recently have begun to actually crash down onto the map, bringing destruction to the structures they come in contact with. It's going to be big, and these superhero teases just reinstate that belief. I'm hoping for a new map, a new event entirely but there are so many ways Epic could go with this.

What would you hope to see come from all of these teasers? What are your largest Season 4 hopes? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below and tell us everything about your Fortnite experience!