NBA Playgrounds 2 Release Date Revealed in New Trailer

Independent, New Jersey-based developer Saber Interactive has announced that NBA Playgrounds 2, the arcade-action basketball game and sequel to NBA Playgrounds, is poised to finally release on May 22, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, priced at $19.99 USD.

To accompany the release date announcement, the developer has also released the game's debut gameplay trailer, showing off its street basketball action, and how it is more over-the-top than ever.

The sequel notably includes new features, such as the Playgrounds Championship mode, a worldwide ranked league with multiple competitive solo and co-op ladders. Further, there's also a new single-player Season mode that is said to recreate the experience of leading a team through the regular season and playoffs.

In addition to this, there's also four-player online matches, co-op matches against AI, improved matchmaking (with dedicated servers), the return of three-point contests, custom matches, and more.

As for the game's roster, it will be 200 players deep, consisting of both current and retired NBA players just like the previous game. In addition to the stars and players currently playing the in the NBA, some legends added include the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Magic Johnson, Dr. J., Allen Iverson, and Larry Bird.

As for the moment to moment gameplay, on top of various refinements, new moves and power-ups have been added, AI has been improved, and player models and animations now look better.

For those of you new to the NBA Playgrounds series: it debuted last May, pitching itself as an arcade-style basketball inspired by the likes of NBA Jam and NBA Street.

Despite receiving a largely mixed critical reception, it was – according to Saber Interactive – one of the best-selling digital games of 2017, selling 500,000 units in roughly two months.


For more information and media on NBA Playgrounds 2, be sure to peep its official website. For a quick elevator pitch of the game, scroll down:

NBA arcade action is back with NBA Playgrounds 2 and it’s better than ever! This sequel to the original smash hit takes street balling to the next level with a host of new additions and improvements, including a new Season Mode and a new Playgrounds Championship ranked mode. This robust follow-up to last year’s high-flying arcade action also features a massive roster of over 200 current and retired NBA players with new player models and animations. There’s even improved online matchmaking with dedicated servers, four-player online matches, three-point contests, new playgrounds, custom matches, and more! Pick your team, get ready to jam, and up your game!