Sony Hitting the Road For Road To Greatness PlayStation Tour

What’s better than offering events where fans can come to you to see your latest games? Taking your games to them, of course. And that’s just what Sony is doing with its just-announced Road To Greatness tour.

The company confirmed the tour this morning along with several stops that it will be making this summer. This includes a number of music venues as well as a few comic book and video game oriented events. The tour has already begun with a stop in Wisconsin and will continue through the summer at other venues including the GameStop Expo in Indianapolis. There’s also a good chance that more stops will be added as well.

“The RtG truck is all new and upgraded for 2018. Most importantly, the crew has built out even more gaming stations. And we don’t just mean in terms of quantity; we’ve gone all in on quality too, with each demo on the truck running on PS4 Pro. Beyond upgraded consoles, we’ve added an extra PlayStation VR demo station so you can experience some of the VR titles we’re most excited about,” the company noted in its announcement. “We’ve also built out a porch area for our fans to kick back and relax in between gaming sessions – complete with TV from PlayStation Vue.”

You’ll also have a chance to win select prizes during the tour. While these weren’t detailed, they could very well include copies of hit games for your PlayStation 4 library.

Specific games weren’t mentioned but considering that they’re a big focus on their line-up this year, it wouldn’t surprise us if Sony brought along God of War and Detroit: Become Human for fans to enjoy. There’s also likely to be a focus on MLB the Show 18 since it’s selling so well for the company; and third-party hits could be possible as well. As for Spider-Man...well, we'll have to see what happens, huh?


The tour’s next stop is at the Rock on the Range event in Columbus, OH this coming weekend. Following that, the following dates have been revealed:

Phoenix Comic Fest

Phoenix, AZ

5/24 – 5/27


Kansas City, KS



Milwaukee, WI

7/3 – 7/8

MLB All Star Game FanFest

Washington, DC

7/13 – 7/17


Bethlehem, PA

8/3 – 8/12

GameStop Expo

Indianapolis, IN

8/26 – 8/29

You can learn more about the tour at the official Road To Greatness page.