Dragon Ball FighterZ Nintendo Switch Arrival Leaked

gohan-dbz-fighterz (1)

You know it's E3 2018 time because the leaks are coming out in full force. Yesterday we had a pretty hefty leak that was supported heavily by others in the industry regarding a Fortnite Nintendo Switch port, and that same bought of information also brought some exciting news for anime fans! According to the most recent report, Bandai Namco's Dragon Ball FighterZ will be joining Xenoverse on the Nintendo hybrid console!

Now when the leak first appeared, it was taken with a very tiny grain of salt. That quickly changed however when media outlets all over the world, including us here at ComicBook, reached out to our own sources to find any sort of verification. The common consensus was that the leak was accurate and the latest fighter based off of the anime would actually be making its way to the latest console from the Big N.

It's not too surprising given that previous entries along a similar vein made the leap, but with the game's controls - the Nintendo Switch would be the perfect home for such a title. It's also great to see the gaming library continue to grow, delivering on Nintendo's promise of its largest ever selection to date.

Of course, even with source verification, take all reports at face value. With E3 just a few days away, all of these burning questions will be answered and we'll finally know for sure what games await us for the remainder of 2018!

As far as the game itself goes, we couldn't say enough positive things about the brawler! Take a look at our full review here, with a small blurb about our thoughts below:


"At its core, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a game that’ll leave anime fans completely satisfied while giving fighting game veterans a challenge to master and transition into a PvP whooping. Accessibility is key here for players who just want their anime fix, and Arc System Works found a way to succeed in this area while still presenting others with a high skill ceiling to explore. Those who wish to climb to the top of the rankings will do so by mastering seamless combos and perfecting their team compositions, and for those who can’t or don’t want to do so, you can watch others do it through the previously mentioned replay feature and feel like you’re still watching the anime that you know and love.

Throughout the Budokais and Xenoverses over the years, Dragon Ball FighterZ stands out as a staple in not just a Dragon Ball fan’s collection, but in the game library of any fighting game aficionado as well. Dragon Ball FighterZ confidently presents itself as one of the best fighting games that’ll be released this year as perhaps the best adaptation the franchise has ever seen, a co-op couch brawler and online PvP game that players will return to for years."