Destiny 2's Gambit Mode Was "Planned From the Beginning"

Destiny 2 has a lot of new content coming its way when Forsaken drops later this year, including an incredible mode that blends the best of PvE and PvP. We recently got our hands on the new mode when we interviewed the developers over at Bungie, and were given a chance to dig into their minds a little bit about the process from the initial concept to completion. With a controversial time since launch, many were wondering if Gambit was the answer to negative player feedback, but according to the dev team - it was in the cards since day 1.

I recently sat down with some of the team members behind the MMO and when asked if this was a reaction to the Battle Royale craze that seems to be hitting online games from every corner, the Bungie team mentioned that's not the case at all. According to the developers, the Gambit Mode was planned before the game even launched. The original concept didn't change much throughout its developmental process, and was planned for Year 2 in an effort to keep the longevity of the title going versus jumping right into Destiny 3.

As far as the name "Gambit," Bungie told me that no - it's not a Marvel nod, but instead meant to reflect what the feeling the mode reflects, 'to gamble.' "We chose 'Gambit' because we wanted to invoke the overall feeling of the mode. It's essentially a gamble with a prominent risk and reward feel," the Bungie Lead Director told me.

They also mentioned that Gambit is unlike anything seen thus far in Destiny, so don't try to compare it to anything like the Crucible. It will be it's own entity in-game with a distinct feel to the gameplay. With the smart AI spawns and the ability for enemy players to invade - there are a lot of aspects to this mode to keep Guardians on their toes!


To learn more about Gambit and how it actually plays, check out our full impressions right here. As far as basics go:

"Gambit is a 4v4 hybrid mode that merges PvE and PvP experiences into an epic battle. It's a new way to play Destiny 2, offering something for all players to enjoy, appealing to those who thrive on the competition and unpredictable elements of PvP gameplay, while seamlessly blending the collaborative and cooperative elements of PvE."