Nintendo's Stock Drops Dramatically After E3 Showcase

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We are now at the final stretch of the 23 2018 celebrations, and gamers around the world enjoyed new announcements, first looks, and tons of surprises. Unfortunately, not all of those surprises seem to be good, at least if you're Nintendo. Following immediately after their E3 showcase, it was reported that the Big N's stock took a dramatic downturn.

The conference itself wasn't a bad one, though it was without anything really new. We did finally get our big look at the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and fans of Fire Emblem were also in for a beautiful surprise with Three Houses. Expectations were high, however, and despite the overall positive reception, including that epic Ridley Smash reveal, the market was less impressed.

Nintendo Life reports that the stock's overall price plummeted immediately after their "luke warm" showcase, dropping over 6% in relation to the powerhouse's share value. But, there is a bright side. This is by far not the largest drop the company has had, especially during the Wii U era of Nintendo, and they continue to make their triumphant return.

Still, the drop most likely centered around the lack of new reveals and the glaring absence of their iconic Pokemon series. Despite having a Nintendo Direct not too long ago that was rife with Pokemon good news, expectations were incredibly high - even more so when accounting the recent influx of third party support for their hybrid console.

Another cause, according to analysts, is that investors are worried Nintendo won't be able to keep up with demand. We saw this with the SNES and NES classics, and we've seen it with other hardware demands as well. The lack of the promised online service has also been a cause of concern, since that was announced for the console quite a while ago with virtually no news since then.


In the last year, Nintendo has been much more on top of their supply issues, even reissuing those classic editions that many have had their eyes on. Since Nintendo doesn't rely on the big events like E3 for their reveals, my personal take is that they're making more use of their own schedule and delivering those announcements on a watched rotation. Though that Yoshi delay was still a disappointment ...

H/T Nintendo Life