Scuf Gaming's Vantage Controller Makes You a Better Fortnite Player

If you love playing Fortnite but can’t quite seem to pull out those Victory Royales on the PlayStation 4, Scuf Gaming’s new Vantage controller might be the solution to your problem.

Scuf unveiled the Vantage controller nearly a month ago, an officially licensed controller for the PS4 that comes with remappable back paddles, customization options, and an all-new Side Action (SAX) Button feature. After reporting on the controller when it was first announced, we sought out Scuf Gaming at E3 to learn more about the controller. Amid talks about it’s removable vibration modules, interchangeable faceplate, and other features, our conversation with Scuf Gaming’s product manager Jonas Ferry, a well-known esports caster and former pro player, shifted to Fortnite examples on more than once occasion. After asking if the Scuf Vantage had been tested extensively in Fortnite, Ferry spoke to us at ComicBook to say that he’s confident using the controller will make you a better player and builder.

“I myself used to be a professional gamer on Call of Duty. I’ve been playing Fortnite a lot with this controller, and I’ve been seeing a huge increase in my gameplay,” Ferry told us. “Fortnite is extremely complex because there are so many functions, so being able to use more of your hand and adding more access points is going to make you better because it’s going to make you faster.”

Scuf Vantage
(Photo: Scuf Gaming)

This is where those SAX Buttons come into play, the new innovation that the Vantage offers to help you make full use of your hands when playing. In the image above, you’ll notice that there are extra buttons right beneath the controller’s shoulders. These are the fully remappable SAX Buttons, and they let you make use of the curve your finger creates when using the triggers and bumpers. By simply extending your finger or moving it down in one quick motion, you can easily hit these SAX Buttons, and that’s a game-changer when it comes to building in Fortnite.

“If you play Builder Pro and you use just your bumpers and you map your SAX buttons to your triggers, basically you can build everything without ever having to move your fingers. It makes you extremely quick. We strongly believe that this is going to make you better in Fortnite.”

Ferry also told us that you can remap the touchpad to one of the SAX Buttons so that you can pull up the map quicker. He added that many people seem scared to use the buttons at first, but after a few days or practice, they feel totally natural, much like the paddles on the back.

Scuf Gaming even made a limited-edition, Fortnite-themed controller, but getting one of those isn’t nearly as easy as using the Vantage to up your Fortnite game. Created for the Pro-Am Fortnite tournament that took place during E3, the controller that was featured by the Fortnite Twitter account is a Fortnite player’s dream. It was made for the tournament’s competitors with only 110 of the controllers produced and isn’t available to purchase, so count yourself lucky if you ever get to see one in person.


“We’ve made a very nice limited-edition Fortnite controller. This is not for sale, it was only available for the Pro AM tournament, and every single pro player and celebrity that played in the event will be receiving this controller as a reward. There are only 110 in the world.”

The Scuf Vantage ships in August and is priced at either $169.95 or $199.95 for the wired and wireless versions, respectively, and you can preorder it now through Scuf Gaming or GameStop.