Nintendo Ready To Help Developers With Cross-Platform Play


Although there are a few holdouts that aren’t too fond of the current cross-platform play setup for consoles (cough hack Sony cough hack), Nintendo is definitely on board. Not only has the company been working closely with games like Minecraft and Rocket League to support cross-platform, but it’s also openly talked with Microsoft about playing together in sessions. Awww, friendship!

So now the question is where the company goes from here. Will it continue to support the cross-platform initiative? And in so, what ways? It looks like we’re going to find out soon enough.

During a recent shareholders meeting that took place earlier in the week, Nintendo confirmed that it was still moving forward with its cross-platform support, and vowed to even help developers that were looking to implement it within their games.

The company’s executive officer, Susumu Tanaka, confirmed as such, noting, “Crossplay basically comes about from conversations between publishers and platform holders. We are inclined to do what we can to help publishers incorporate crossplay when that is what they want. The other parties involved also have a say in whether we are able to reach this outcome or not, so we will continue to discuss it with them.”

So it sounds like Nintendo is happy to keep being cozy with Microsoft on the matter, as well as PC developers. Now that just leaves Sony, who continues to be the lone holdout with cross-platform support. The company has noted last month that it’s looking for solutions to the matter though nothing has been finalized just yet. Guess it’s still a matter of waiting and seeing what it announces over the next few months.


Nintendo hasn’t made it clear yet just what the next games to support cross-platform will be. But with its willingness to help out other developers, we wouldn’t be surprised if that managed to draw in some rather big names. We’ll let you know once some other titles are confirmed.

In the meantime, give Rocket League and Minecraft a try. You might just be surprised whom you connect with. Both games are available now for Nintendo Switch, as well as Xbox One and PC. (Oh, and PlayStation 4.)