Dead by Daylight Is Getting a BBQ-Themed Summer Event

Summertime has come to Dead by Daylight with a special event on the way that’s loaded with new objectives and in-game cosmetics.

Called the Scorching Summer BBQ event, developers Behaviour Interactive announced the event on Friday with a post on the game’s forums saying that it begins on August 7. It’ll last from then until August 21 with new generator and hook variations giving players a special in-game currency that can be exchanged for Hillbilly and Kate cosmetics, a base Killer and DLC Survivor in Dead by Daylight.

“During our Scorching Summer BBQ event you will gain access to special generators and hooks,” the event announcement said. “Repairing the Frozen Cocktail machines will earn you Frosty Margaritas, and skewering survivors on Grill hooks will give you Survivor Chops. To spawn more Frozen Cocktail machines and Grill hooks in the map, you must burn the BBQ invitation in the Bloodweb.”

The Hillbilly’s cosmetic is a take on his gruesome weapon called the “Pro-Pain” hammer while Kate gets a “Free Songbird” slip dress. As for the specifics of the event regarding how the Frozen Cocktails and Grill hooks all come together, the event announcement shared more details on how the new features will work and what each Killer and Survivor has to do.

  • Every trial starts with two Frozen Cocktail machines and 2 Grill hooks
  • To spawn event more Frozen Cocktail machines or Grill hooks, acquire a BBQ invitation Offering in the Bloodweb and burn it in a trial
  • Each BBQ invitation Offering played will generate 1 Frozen Cocktail machine and 1 Grill hook
  • As a Killer, hook a Survivor on a Grill hook for the first time to gain 1 Survivor Chop
  • As a Survivor, complete repairs on a Frozen Cocktail machine to grant all Survivors 1 Frosty Margarita
  • If you played a BBQ invitation Offering, you will also score bonus Bloodpoints when the above conditions are met
  • Once you reach your Frosty Margaritas goal, you will unlock Kate's "Free Songbird" slip dress
  • Once you reach your Survivor chops goal, you will unlock the Hillbilly's "Pro-Pain" hammer
  • You can only gain Frosty Margaritas and Survivor Chops in public matches

After you complete all of your challenges, you can keep participating in the BBQ event to earn more Bloodpoints than usual end help others earn the same rewards.

The Dead by Daylight event starts on August 7 and ends two weeks later on August 21.