Pokemon Go Dataminer Finds New Hint at "Gen 4"

A popular Pokemon Go dataminer has found a new line of code that teases the pending release of some new "Gen 4" Pokemon.

The popular dataminer "Chrales" has discovered a line of code in Pokemon Go's network traffic that teases the upcoming addition of Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The line item relates to a new Sinnoh badge meant to help players track their progress towards catching all of the Pokemon from the Sinnoh region explored in the fourth generation of Pokemon games.

Pokemon Go has given players some subtle teases about adding some "Gen 4" Pokemon, beginning when the game released a new piece of key art showing some "Gen 4" Pokemon interacting with prominent Pokemon in the game. Players have impatiently wanted their release for months, but this is the surest sign yet that the new Pokemon are on their way soon.

The popular theory is that Pokemon Go will "unlock" access to some Gen 4 Pokemon once players complete all three of this summer's Global Challenges, which are tied to various Pokemon Go live events. Players completed the first two events with ease and the final Global Challenge is set to take place at the end of August.


Pokemon Go has had a busy week. The game's big announcement earlier today was that players would soon be able to complete Special Research tasks to catch the Mythical Pokemon Celebi. Game developers also announced that younger players would soon be able to access certain features of the game that were previously unavailable due to age restrictions.

A new update is expected to roll out over the next couple of days, so stay tuned to ComicBook.com for more information!