'Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition' Coming To PS4, Nintendo Switch

You may recall back in 2004 when Square Enix released a game called Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles for the GameCube. At the time, it was a significant release for the company, as it not only debuted the Final Fantasy franchise for the Nintendo platform, but also re-solidified Square’s relationship with the publisher after its hasty departure back in the 90’s, with Final Fantasy VII going to the original PlayStation.

And now we’re seeing yet another huge outreach with the game, as Square Enix is bringing it back for a new generation of Nintendo fans to enjoy. During yesterday’s pre-Tokyo Game Show event hosted by Sony, the publisher confirmed that Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition will make a high-definition return on the Nintendo Switch, as well as PlayStation 4, early next year.

You can see the game’s announcement in the trailer above, which shows the enhanced imagery you’ll see within the game, with a lot of beautiful glowing effects during key battles.

But there is an interesting question here. The original Crystal Chronicles did allow for multiplayer back on the GameCube, but in order to do that, you needed to link together four Game Boy Advance systems through separate link cables to get the full experience.

Near the end of the trailer, we see hints that Square Enix will have some sort of solution to make multiplayer work in the new version, but it’ll be interesting to see what it does. After all, the original Chronicles displayed vital information through the Game Boy Advance screens, including a detailed map. Obviously some limitations will come into play, but we’ll see how development goes, leading into the game’s release in 2019.


The trailer’s a bit on the brief side, but we’ll likely see more of the game in action in just a few days, as it’s likely to be featured by Square Enix at its Tokyo Game Show booth, in an effort to build up excitement for its release.

For the time being, though, it’s great to see Final Fantasy get some love on the Switch as of late, between this release and the forthcoming Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, which should be out before year’s end. (You can play it now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.)