'Magic: The Gathering - Guilds of Ravnica' Boros Legion Preview

Magic Guilds of Ravnica Boros Legion

Magic: The Gathering is about to return to one of its most famous settings, Ravnica, the City of Guilds. ComicBook.com can now offer an exclusive look at what’s new with the Boros Legion in the upcoming Guilds of Ravnica set.

Like all of the guilds in Ravnica, the Boros Legion combines two of Magic: The Gathering's five colors. For Boros, it's two normally opposed colors: white and red.

“White embodies justice, order, and law, whereas red represents chaos, impulse, and aggression,” a Wizards of the Coast spokesperson explained in a statement to ComicBook.com. “These may seem antithetical, but they find a home together under the Boros flag.”

Let’s take a look at our first Boros Legion Guilds of Ravnica preview. The card is "Fresh-Faced Recruit," a Human Soldier creature that costs two mana to cast. The colored mana cost can be paid with either white or red mana. The 2/1 creature gains First Strike on its controller’s turn.

Fresh-Faced Recruit
(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

Our second Boros preview is "Sunhome Stalwart." This 2/2 Human Soldier requires two mana, one white, to cast. The creature has First Strike full time, as well as the Mentor ability. Every time a creature with Mentor attacks, every other attacking creature with lesser power gets a +1/+1 counter.

Sunhome Stalwart
(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

“When we’re designing Magic, something we always strive toward is making sure that the creative flavor of a set is matched by the mechanics of a set,” Wizards of the Coast explained. “Boros very much follows this philosophy: they are all about attacking!"

“One of the most aggressive guilds, it makes sense that in actual gameplay terms the Boros would be quick and relentless. And when you play Boros, you will tend to play a lot of creatures very quickly. But what separates the Boros from other aggressively-minded guilds, such as the civilization-smashing Gruul or the incredibly chaotic Rakdos, is still that white sense of order and helping one another. In Guilds of Ravnica, each guild has its own unique ability – and many Boros have the special keyword ability ‘Mentor’. When a creature with Mentor attacks, it makes another, smaller attacking creature permanently larger. This really means that the Boros feel like they’re working together to overcome the enemy. Rally together, strike together, and deliver justice together – that’s the Boros way!" they added.

Guilds of Ravnica will release Oct. 5th. The set focuses on the green-white Selesnya guild, the black-green Golgari guild, the Blue-red Izzet guild, and the blue-black Dimir guild as well as Boros.


The Ravnica Allegiance set will follow and will spotlight the remaining guilds: white-blue Azorious, black-red Rakdos, red-green Gruul, green-blue Simic, and white-black Orzhov.

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