Avengers: Endgame Officially Getting Re-Released With New Footage (Exclusive)


Avengers: Endgame Officially Getting Re-Released With New Footage (Exclusive)

'The Witcher' Re-Imagined as Superman Following Henry Cavill Scare

The Witcher has been in the spotlight lately with the recent casting news of Man of Steel's Henry Cavill as Geralt, but even more so after a recent scare had him stripped of his cape indefinitely. Though there are still conflicting reports about that, one thing we're not conflicted about is this awesome Superman x The Witcher mashup.

Man of Steel and Silver from r/witcher

But the mashup didn't just stop at the fan art — the comment section was alive and well with potential crossovers that should appear in the Netflix series coming soon.

Reddit commenter KittenWitcher added, "I fully expect this to be a catch phrase in some form when the show marketing hits. Though I like "Man of Silver and Steel" better. I like more emphasis on the witchers silver sword. It's something unique to their profession."

Another user, IosueYu, chimed in, "The Witcher 3 should be called Wild Dogs and Wild Hunt. Steel is for Wild Dogs (and wolves) and Silver is for the Wild Hunt. The new Witcher may be named ... Man of Silver. So, Henry will just be called the Man of Steel and Silver for his two iconic roles. Witchers use two swords but thing is, Silver is ever only used by Witchers. So saying he is just the Man of Silver is enough of a moniker to tell he kills monsters."

Regardless of potential fourth wall breaking innuendos, at least we have pretty nifty concept art until more news arrives regarding the highly talked about Netflix show.


At this point in time, the only confirmed casting we have is that of Man of Steel's Cavill as the show's protagonist. We also know that the release window for the new series is set for sometime in 2019, though a specific date has yet to be released.

To make the wait a little bit easier, however, check out this other amazing piece of fan art with Eva Green as Yennefer! Want even more? Check out our The Witcher TV community hub right here for the latest fan picks, casting rumors, and confirmed details from the showrunner herself!