Now There Are Two Full-Size 'Kingdom Hearts' Keyblade Replica Options


PDP's Kingdom Hearts Keyblade replica has been selling like crazy, and for good reason. It's an awesome-looking, full-size (35-inch) EVA foam replica with a detachable chain and Mickey medallion that you can pre-order on Amazon right now for only $39.99 with shipping slated for October 15th. That is significantly cheaper than the Bandai Tamashii Nations Proplica version that sold for $185 at release and now fetches $250 to $400 on eBay (though it did have built-in sounds and lights).

Now we've discovered that PDP has also produced a GameStop exclusive version of Mickey's Realm of Darkness Kingdom Key D Keyblade that you can pre-order right here for $39.99 with a release date set for October 31st. It's the dark counterpoint to Sora's Kingdom Key, and features a gold crown blade and silver hilt.

On a related note, don't forget that Square Enix is finally bringing Kingdom Hearts III to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25th. Standard, Deluxe, and digital versions of the game are available to pre-order on Amazon now with a $10 Prime credit. The official synopsis for the game reads:

"Kingdom Hearts III tells the story of the power of friendship as Sora and his friends embark on a perilous adventure. Set in a vast array of Disney worlds, Kingdom Hearts follows the journey of Sora, a young boy and unknowing heir to a spectacular power. Sora is joined by Donald Duck and Goofy, two emissaries sent by King Mickey from Disney Castle, to stop an evil force known as the Heartless from invading and overtaking the universe. Through the power of positivity and friendship, Sora, Donald and Goofy unite with iconic Disney-Pixar characters old and new to prevail tremendous challenges and persevere against the darkness threatening their worlds."


Now, if you want to get fully prepared for the new game, Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far is set to hit the PlayStation 4 on October 30th for $39.99, and it comes complete with a whopping 9 games remastered in HD:


• KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories
• KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days (HD Remastered cinematics)
• KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Final MIX
• KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded (HD Remastered cinematics)


• KINGDOM HEARTS Dream Drop Distance HD
• KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 Birth by Sleep –A fragmentary passage–
• KINGDOM HEARTS χ Back Cover (movie)

You can pre-order Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far for the PS4 on Amazon now. It's covered by their pre-order guarantee, so you won't be charged until the game ships and you'll automatically get any discounts that occur between the time that you order and the October 30th release date.


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