‘Soul Calibur VI’ Has Bowsette and Boosette Recreated In-Game

We’ll be reviewing Soul Calibur VI this weekend, but based on what we’ve played thus far, it’s jam-packed with fighting excitement. And on top of that, it has a customization system that lets you put together the combatant of your dreams -- or nightmares. And one player has already gone above and beyond creative with his two designs, which resemble social media darlings Bowsette and Boosette.

In case you missed it, Bowsette came to life after players began drawing her up following the debut of the Super Mario Bros. Deluxe trailer for Nintendo Switch, wondering what a combination of Bowser and Peach would look like. And thus far, we’ve seen some awesome stuff.

Not to mention Boosette, a mixture of the ghostly Boo and Peach that’s just as wonderful when it comes to Internet results.

So imagine our surprise, then, when a player by the name of Lou Contaldi (going under the name of Boo Contaldi) began tuning both of these characters in the game, utilizing costuming abilities on one of the characters to put them together.

The Bowsette skin looks fantastic, complete with side horns and a sultry outfit. Now the only question is what kind of weapon she uses for fighting -- and if it’s on fire.

Meanwhile, the Boosette skin is also great, featuring a solid ghostly white character with light blue hair and a stunning dress to match. Again, we’re wondering about her weapon, but if it’s really good stuff.

You can see the image below.

The thread has seen a lot of responses, including the original creator of said Boosette skin -- David Poole -- step forward and provide a few more details.

And if you want to see a match with Bowsette in action, you’re in luck. Just remember this is a ranked match, so she’s in a very destructive mood. (Thanks to DualShockers for the video!)


With the game arriving within a matter of hours, we’re likely to see even more creative types put together these type of skins, among others, within Soul Calibur VI. And we can’t wait to see what they have to offer.

The soul still burns as Soul Calibur VI arrives tomorrow, October 19, for Xbox One, PlayStation and PC.