Save $40 On the NVIDIA Shield Streaming Box and Gaming Console


The Rokus and Amazon Fires of the world are good streaming boxes for most people, but enthusiasts and gamers that are willing to spend a little more should opt for the NVIDIA Shield TV. It's the ultimate choice for tech geeks that are picky about their 4K HDR. It's also the best media server box in the business an pretty fantastic smart home hub to boot. However, the gaming options are one of the things that really sets it apart.

The NVIDIA Shield TV is capable of playing Google Play games and full fledged PC games via the GeForce Now cloud streaming service ($8 per month). It can also cast games from your GeForce-equipped PC to your TV. While the NVIDIA Shield TV is no replacement for your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or gaming PC, it does offer a pretty robust gaming experience.

The only thing that's been setting the NVIDIA Shield back is the $180 price tag. However, you can grab it for $140 right now with the remote on Amazon (the deal was also available via Walmart briefly, and may return). It doesn't come with the controller, but any Bluetooth controller you have lying around the house will work (a bundle with the official controller runs $200). This is the lowest price ever offered on the NVIDIA Shield TV with remote, so jump on it while you can. The official feature list reads:

  • World Class Performance - Blazing fast and versatile enough to be a streamer, game console, media server, and smart home hub. Fully customizable, SHIELD continues to evolve and get smarter with new features.
  • 4K HDR Home Theater - Enjoy the ultimate visual experience with 4K HDR quality, immersive sound with Dolby Atmos and DTS-X surround sound pass-through, and the most 4K entertainment.
  • Unlimited Entertainment - Apps for all the movies, TV shows, games, and music you dream of. Cord cutting apps. Chromecast apps. View Google photos and search for entertainment with simple voice commands.
  • Google and Amazon Ecosystems - The Google Assistant, Google Play Movies and Music, and works with Google Home. Alexa controls SHIELD hands-free with Amazon Echo, plus Prime Video and Amazon Music.
  • Smart Home Ready - Control smart devices such as lights, thermostats, and cameras with your voice and set convenient schedules with the Google Assistant and SmartThings Link (sold separately).

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