'Fallout 76' Streamer Launched Nuke During Final Beta

That's a wrap! The final B.E.T.A for Fallout 76 has come to a close before the game fully releases later this month, but it seems that one dedicated player has already reached the endgame before the game itself even released!

Nukes in Fallout 76 are powerful, but you have to complete the Overseer storyline before unlocking those codes. A big reason why Bethesda kept the B.E.T.A to such short intervals was that these testing periods weren't small parts of the game, but the full title itself. There has to be some mystery before launch! But that didn't stop one streamer from getting that prize and blow the map to hell before the period ended.

When Bethesda first revealed the ability to nuke other players in the world of Fallout 76, many that were already hesitant about the new online direction were worried that this feature would absolutely destroy the ability to enjoy the game. Luckily, it's not as definitive as we may have thought.

Nukes aren't just lying around, players must first unlock the codes in order to gain this feature. The only way to do that is by completing the main questline. After the feature itself is unlocked, players can find nuke codes hidden around the map, but they will be difficult to find, and not as accessible as people fear.

The main questline revolves around The Overseer, and it's a long one. Since the map is so large, it would make sense that the narrative would be too but it's not just a sense of achievement and the highest rank that players will unlock; they can also, eventually, look forward to launching their first nuke.


The ending, though specifics haven't been revealed for obvious reasons, has to do with the player launching their first nuke — that's how you get the codes to this powerful weapon, by playing the game. Because of that, not only is there even more incentive to go for that completion but it also makes it easier to avoid these bad boys, especially paired up against slower progressing players.

The next spin-off entry into the Fallout series debuts on November 14th on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.