THQ Nordic Announces More Studio Acquisitions, Has 35 Games In Development

If THQ Nordic isn’t the definition of a comeback story, we don’t know what is.


Six years ago, the company filed for bankruptcy following the release of Darksiders II, with its many licenses being spread across numerous companies. But now, years later, it’s back and operating smoother than ever, with a number of companies under its wing (including Deep Silver, whom it sold some of its franchises to) and Darksiders III ready to drop later this month. And it’s not done yet.

In a Q3 financial report provided by the company, THQ Nordic revealed that it has picked up two more studios for its group. Bugbear Interactive, the studio behind the racing game Wreckfest, and Coffee Stain Studios, the creator of the hit game Goat Simulator, are now under THQ’s umbrella, and will no doubt produce big titles for them in the future.

But that’s not all. The company also revealed that it has a whopping 35 unannounced games in development (out of 55 total). That’s a lot, considering that the company just found its footing again a few years ago. No doubt out of these 35, we’ll see some familiar franchises make a return, including the likes of Homefront, Saints Row and the previously announced Timesplitters and Kingdoms of Amalur franchises. Nothing’s official yet, but we can’t help but dream about what’s coming our way.


For now, though, the company is turning its attention to Darksiders III, as it’s hoping that it finds a great deal of success with fans of the series. The first two games have performed reasonably well with their re-releases on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and they’re also included with a special edition of Darksiders III, so fans can enjoy them that way as well. And 2019 isn’t looking too shabby either, with Metro Exodus building up a tremendous amount of steam for its late February release.

Needless to say, things are looking up for THQ Nordic. And we wish them continued success as they go down this road. Also...can Darksiders III come out already? We know its release date is November 27, but we need it for the holidays...