'Kill la Kill the game: IF' Coming to Nintendo Switch, New Characters Revealed


Developer Arc System works has announced that its upcoming Kill la Kill game -- dubbed Kill la Kill the Game: IF -- will come to Nintendo Switch in addition to the previously announced PlayStation 4 and PC.

In addition to announcing Nintendo Switch support, the developer has also confirmed that Nui Harime (voiced by Yukari Tamura) and Ragyou Kiryuin (voiced by Romi Park) will not only appear in the game, but they will appear as playable characters.

Unfortunately, while Arc System Works has confirmed the two characters will be in the game, it hasn't revealed them in it. However, a gameplay trailer featuring them may arrive at some point, or at the very least screenshots showing them off in action.

For those that don't know: Ragyou Kiryuin is the wife of Soichiro Kiruin, mother of Satuski Kiryuin and the main protagonist, Ryuko Matoi. She's also the Revocs Corporation's CEO, a chair of Honnoji Academy's board of directors, and is the true antagonist of the anime series.

The anime's official wiki adds the following about the character:

"Ragyō is a character bathed in luxury, and it shows in her overall presentation and attitude. She is vain and proud, and boasts her power and status abundantly. According to Rei Hōōmaru, her character and morals are at the very least questionable."

Meanwhile, Nui Harime is the second antagonist of the series, and the Grand Couturier of the Revocs Corporation. Further, she murdered Isshin Matoi, from who she notably took one half of the Scissor Blade from, which is why Ryuko Matoi is on a quest of vengeance to kill her. While on the outside she's defined by her cute appearance, she's sadistic (and a bit childish) in nature, as well as an incredible fighter.

The aforementioned wiki adds:

"Nui has a childlike, jovial, and happy-go-lucky demeanor; always smiling, and acting very friendly with everyone, demonstrating excessive intimacy towards even Satsuki and revealing to Ryūko in a rather nonchalant way the fact that she killed her father. According to Ragyō, Nui is a free spirit and will do whatever she wants according to her whims. Her often bubbly behavior and nonchalance towards anyone that stands in her way often puts her at odds with the main cast, and can easily become bored while she playfully seeks violence to a sadistic degree."


Kill la Kill the game: IF is poised to release sometime next year.

Thanks, Gematsu.