'Dead by Daylight' Teases a New Killer

A new Dead by Daylight Killer is seemingly being teased ahead of the game’s next Chapter release.

The tweet below shared revealed what appears to be the back of the game’s next Killer as they looked into a mirror, knife in hand, inside of a stone-walled room with not much else to speak of at a first glance. Whoever the Killer is, they appear to have a mask on with a face drawn on it as well as some bandages on their hands that hold the dirty, stained knife.

In a clip from a Twitch livestream where the game’s developers talked more about what’s to come in Dead by Daylight, a brief video of the new Killer panned over the image above to highlight different parts of the image worth taking note of. In the mirror, you’ll notice the figure actually has several reflections extending behind them, each one of them having a mask more deformed than the last the further back they go. To the right of the Killer, there are several names on the wall with tally marks underneath each name. None of the names appear to be known characters within the Dead by Daylight lore, so it’s expected these have something to do with the new Killer themselves.

Dead by Daylight’s developers weren’t sharing any more information on the Killer in the video, so players were left to their own devices when speculating what the teaser might be hinting at. One of the reigning theories being discussed within the game’s community is that the new Killer could have multiple personalities, each of those represented by the four names on the wall and the four reflections in the mirror. How this will work in terms of the Killer’s gameplay remains to be seen, but a stance-shifting Killer already exists in the game with the Doctor changing between different attack modes depending on the situation, so the framework has already been put in place for such a mechanic.


The developers did confirm that that PTB is returning next week to give PC players a chance to test out new content, so it shouldn’t be long before more information is revealed.

This new teaser for the Killer followed what seemed to be another hint at the next Chapter’s map, though the initial teaser shown above doesn’t lend any insight into the nature of the Killer. It does look like a snowy map is coming to Dead by Daylight though, one set in what seems to be an abandoned ski resort.