Bungie Reportedly Celebrated Activision 'Destiny' News With Cheers, Champagne

In case you missed the news last week, Activision and Bungie’s partnership is no more, as the publisher has departed from its long-time team-up, allowing the developer to keep the rights to its Destiny franchise. As a result, this news was met with thunderous cheers from the community. And, apparently, they aren’t the only ones excited by the news.

Destiny 2

Kotaku’s UK division recently posted a report on the split between the two companies, and with it came some new information about how Bungie’s reaction.

Apparently, there was much celebration to be had when they found out they were firmly in control of their franchise, without Activision’s weight on it.

The relationship between the two was a lot more strained than the public was aware of. So when the news about the split came, there was much excitement.

Kotaku noted, “Bungie told employees during a team meeting this afternoon, framing it as fantastic news for a studio that has long grown sick of dealing with its publisher.”

But it wasn’t just cheers. Per the site’s report, “Employees cheered and popped champagne, according to one person who was there.”

This is indeed good news for Bungie, as the company can now take Destiny whichever direction they see fit with the support of the community behind them.

However, Activision didn’t get off so lucky. Not only did its stocks take a hit from the news, but it appears to be under investigation as well, as some see this break-off as potential fraud.

We’re still waiting to see what news comes from this in the days ahead, but it sounds like Bungie is ready to put their best foot forward with the franchise, with some suggesting that they could have the third chapter in the series ready as soon as sometime next year. Without corporate pressure, though, they can take as much time as they need to make it right. In the meantime, hey, who’s ready for a dance-off competition?


Destiny 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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