'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Taunts Hilariously Recreated by Gamer Dad

With new fighters on the horizon, a lot of Nintendo Switch fans have Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the brain - and for good reason! With an impressively growing roster and a stellar single-player mode, there's a lot of reasons to fall in love with the latest exclusive from the Big N. Another thing we're falling in love with is this dad that hilariously recreated the fighter taunts in-game and lord bless him, it'st adorable.

According to YouTuber Nick Luciano, "Over 200 Taunt animations from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reenacted by my 67 year-old Dad. My Dad is an extraordinary man who will go to great lengths for his wife, kids and grandkids including looking ridiculous for his son's internet video. The 200+ taunts we're filmed over two days during the holidays."

Personally, you can't top that Inkling one just because I have a super soft spot for that character, but it's super adorable to see all of the animations cycle through with his endearing recreations.

Only care about certain fighters? That's fair! The YouTuber also provided a time mark list to pick and choose who you see recreated:

0:03 Mario

0:09 Donkey Kong

0:12 Link

0:16 Samus

0:19 Dark Samus

0:23 Yoshi

0:28 Kirby

0:33 Fox

0:37 Pikachu

0:41 Luigi

0:46 Ness

0:48 Captain Falcon

0:52 Jigglypuff

0:57 Peach

1:01 Daisy

1:04 Bowser

1:07 Ice Climbers

1:11 Sheik

1:14 Zelda

1:17 Dr. Mario

1:21 Pichu

1:24 Falco

1:28 Marth

1:31 Lucina

1:36 Young Link

1:44 Ganondorf

1:48 Mewtwo

1:52 Roy

2:00 Chrom

2:03 Mr. Game & Watch

2:05 Meta Knight

2:10 Pit

2:13 Dark Pit

2:16 Zero Suit Samus

2:20 Wario

2:26 Ike 2

:31 Squirtle

2:34 Ivysaur

2:39 Charizard

2:42 Diddy Kong

2:47 Lucas

2:50 Sonic

2:58 King Dedede

3:01 Olimar

3:05 Lucario

3:09 R.O.B.

3:15 Toon Link

3:19 Wolf

3:24 Snake

3:29 Villager

3:34 Mega Man

3:37 Wii Fit Trainer

3:51 Male Wii Fit Trainer

4:03 Rosalina & Luma

4:08 Little Mac

4:12 Greninja

4:14 Palutena

4:19 Pac-Man

4:27 Robin

4:33 Shulk

4:37 Bowser Jr.

4:42 Koopalings

4:48 Duck Hunt

4:51 Ryu

4:54 Ken

4:57 Cloud

5:01 Corrin

5:06 Corrin (Female)

5:09 Bayonetta

5:19 Inkling

5:25 Ridley

5:28 Simon

5:31 Richter

5:34 King K. Rool

5:38 Isabelle

5:41 Incineroar

5:44 Mii Fighter (Brawler)

5:47 Mii Fighter (Swordfighter)

5:50 Mii Fighter (Gunner)

6:24 Piranha Plant


6:28 The Only Taunt That Matters

What are your thoughts on the latest community creation for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? What other types of hilarious clips would you like to see in the future? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!