Here's What 'Anthem's Day One Patch Will Do

Anthem is currently available via Origin and EA Access on PC and Xbox One, but the game's worldwide release is still a couple of days away. And like most games these days, Anthem's launch will be accompanied by a meaty day one patch that will address a range of minor to major issues with the online action-RPG.

Word of the day one patch comes way of the game's producer, Michael Gamble, who also reveals what gamers can expected to be fix and tweaked with the update.

Of course, Gamble doesn't divulge everything the update will come packing, but he does outline the following specific issues:

  • You will no longer get shot by invisible people, which was apparently impacting streamers, especially ones with slower hard drivers.
  • The crashes that were happening for some players when they talked to people in the fort will no longer be an issue.
  • Loading screens won't be made faster, but the issue of them not completing has been addressed.
  • The issue of audio disappearing -- especially in heavy four-player firefights under certain conditions -- has been solved.
  • Opening chests will now have a large radius, meaning, if someone in your squad opens it, you will also get credit for opening without having to be so close by.
  • The issue of players completing trials but not getting into the Tomb has been solved.
  • Game settings not being saved for some Xbox One users will no longer be an issue.
  • And lastly, and this is perhaps the biggest fix, general performance will be better. This means smoother frame rate, less hitches, etc.

As of right now, it's unclear how much space the day one patch will take up, but know that even if you're buying the game at retail, a patch will be waiting for you when insert that disc.

Anthem is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of a Nintendo Switch port.

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