'The Witcher' and 'Mass Effect' Collide In This Incredible Fan Art

The original Mass Effect trilogy from BioWare was nothing short of iconic with an incredibly loyal fanbase in its stead. Though we have long since said our farewells to Commander Shepard, but the fight for survival against the Reapers will forever live in our hearts. But it wasn't just the story that enraptured us. For many, John Shepard was our hero and now he's also a Witcher thanks to this clever fan art mashup!

(Photo: Golbex)

The above piece is titled "Geralt, the Reaper Slayer" and it was done by artist 'Golbex' over on DeviantArt. It's incredible, especially seeing him dominate a Marauder. Not going to lie, seeing Geralt with an omni-blade is also pretty spiffy especially as a hardcore fan of both franchises!

With Mass Effect being "very much alive" and The Witcher making its way over onto Netflix with a new television series, seeing the two together works better than one might think! Great timing with two amazing franchises!

As far as Mass Effect goes, “In my mind, it’s very much alive,” Casey Hudson mentioned earlier this year. “I’m thinking all the time about things that I think will be great. It’s just a matter of getting back to it as soon as we can.” With Anthem about to release and tons of post-launch content planned in addition to work being full steam ahead for Dragon Age 4, there's a pretty open timeline for when Mass Effect will be back in the spotlight.

When I asked last month during a pres event for Anthem for anything more he could add on about the future of Mass Effect following Casey Hudson's big tease earlier last year, he smiled at me like a man with a plan and my fangirl space heart instantly knew I wasn't going to get a straight answer but it would be good nonetheless.

"I wish I could talk about Mass Effect stuff," he said. "One day, one DAY, we are going to go back to Mass Effect. And who knows what that game could be about," he added with a wink. "It could be about anything, ANYTHING. It could be fiction from Andromeda, fiction from the trilogy, it could be something new. You never know, but don't worry - you'll find out soon enough."

Though we don't know when we'll get that or when the Witcher Netflix show airs, we do have this stellar fan art to keep us company until more news arises!

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